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On a mission to reconnect individuals with the nature of food systems so that people can really see and understand where food comes from because these processes used to be so familiar to us. but today they’re very hidden from average food consumers that’s why we created an ecosystem. the ecosystem is a reimagining of the observation honeybee hive and one that we hope brings people and bees closer together over the past decade. clanky health has been in serious decline and today the situation is getting dire but we wanted to reconnect people to honeybees in a super tangible and intimate way. we wanted to get people talking about honeybees because they’re so critically important to agriculture in the environment so we wanted to put these directly in front of people. but there’s always been problems with the existing display beehives others out there are expensive they don’t ship with the glass included and they require you to drill holes in your wall in order to keep your display hive indoors.

then you have to get the bees and then you have to know how to install your bees and it’s a lot to think about and discourages people from trying but what if you didn’t need to already be an experienced beekeeper to get up close and personal with honeybees the ecosystem is the first observation beehive the chips with the bees are installed so all you have to do as a first-time beekeeper is attach the wall mounting bracket and plug in the windows unit to opening up the hive to let the bees begin exploring. the outdoors foraging and pollinating while you begin learning the art and science of beekeeping beekeepers in general and I think it may be something that happens as you watch the bees you get so fascinated with what they’re doing that you teach yourself a lot of science and then you begin to actually contribute to what we know about these.

other problems with existing display hives on the market are they’re small and fixed size because over time the bees just run out of room to expand their colony in a normal outdoor hive like a leg stock or where hive the beekeeper can stack additional boxes and expand the room inside the hive for the bees to build up their colony size.

so we borrowed that
idea and main ecosystem modular by attaching additional hexagonal hive bodies the magnetic side vents convert to passageways for the bees to crawl through so your veto system hive can grow right along with your colony.

expanding across your wall in any pattern you envision if you care about these we want to engage with you to help
build a grassroots community that can help educate our neighbors friends and family about the critical importance of pollinators through our environment into agriculture as well as the threats that they face today. so help us spread the word please consider backing our campaign and help us by sharing this video by educating one another and even inspiring the next generation of future beekeepers.

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