Is Honey Safe To Consume During Pregnancy

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hi welcome to seven remix healthy tips hit the subscribe button now and also the belly button beside it so you won’t miss latest videos thank you is honey safe to consume during pregnancy. it’s toxin side effect you must aware honey is sweet and healthy also comprises with rich beneficial nutritious. which is why you can find many remedies about honey it is a packed with rich healthy nutrients such as vitamins A, b6 vitamin, niacin riboflavin pantothenic acid and amino acids.

you also get loads of minerals in honey that comprise of calcium copper potassium sodium iron magnesium
manganese phosphorus and zinc.

here are the health benefits of honey during pregnancy:

1. strengthen your immune

honey was packed with antibacterial and antioxidant agent that helps to boost body’s immunity also cure wounds slight burns and heartburn by controlling stomach acids

2 treatment for cold and cough

if you get cold during pregnancy this could worsen your pregnancy experience but with the antiviral agent inside honey can helps to prevent cold and work as a great cough suppressant

3 soothe a sore throat

the anti-inflammatory agent and of honey also soothe throat irritation so by 6 on the added honey to ginger or lemon tea while warm can helps to cure a sorethroat fast.

4. prevent insomnia.

the natural sugar found in honey helps slightly rise insulin that allows tryptophan compound for helping us to feel sleepy just drink some pasteurized milk by adding a teaspoon of honey before bedtime to ensure deep sleep

5 ulcers treatment.

studies have shown that regular consumption of honey can help to decrease the growth of Helicobacter pylori bacteria which are causing the ulcers

6 promote healthy scalp

at a tablespoon of honey to dilute in a glass of warm water and apply to the scalp this will works effectively to get rid of dandruff.

7 Ease allergies

when honey being consumed regularly it immune the body towards pollen and lesser seasonal allergies.


Side-effect when too much honey consumed during pregnancy


1. worsens insulin sensitivity

honey can increase the blood sugar levels which can worsen the insulin resistance when more than Fructis twenty five grams per day that is consider unsafe while pregnant.

2 leads to cramp

when consumed too much honey can cause your body acidic and upsets gastrointestinal tract that leads to slow digestion stomach cramps diarrhea constipation and bloating

3. dental health issues

Due to the richness of sugar amount found in honey thes that can cause dental cavities in 2004 gaining weight the rich calories amount found in honey can add weights to your pregnancy

Sso is honey safe to eat during pregnancy? honey is safer to consume when it is pasteurized and is a government certified Authority honey raw honey can cause botulism which only affects babies less than one year old as their digestive system is still weaker to bacteria the gastrointestinal system for adults contains bacteria that can avoid from the two Linum toxin and prevents it from the placenta for your baby

however this pasteurized honey process can lessen its enzymes and other beneficial elements of honey. both pasteurized and unpasteurized honey may contain botulism spores which is why not every specialist agrees that it is
necessary to prevent unpasteurized honey during pregnancy

if you are not sure to consume which honey discuss with your pregnancy practitioner since they are
best person you should consult at.

Amount of honey to consume is safe during pregnancy?

Consuming at about 3 to 5 tablespoons of honey in one day is considered safe for pregnant women.

Methods to consume honey drinks take.

note that you do not add hon in hot water or beverages because it removed honey’s enzymes so you should add honey into lukewarm water

also do not add honey into foods that are rich in vitamins C and D because with minerals contained inside honey will reverse the good benefits of the vitamins.

moreover avoid mixing being cured with honey because this also can reverse the health benefits and thus can lead to indigestion tips to buy a honey remember to check through if the honey to buy is pasteurized and since almost all brands sell pasteurized honey always purchase trusted and organic honey since has lesser processing if the quality of honey is good as stated consuming it should not be an issue especially when consumed by pregnant women

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