Queen bees and worker bees develop from fertilized eggs, and drone bees develop from nonfertilized eggs. Queens develop from eggs […]

Varroa mites are the greatest pest killer of honey bees. If left unchecked, these parasites will kill a colony of […]

Honey bee workers forage for four things that they bring into the bee hive: nectar, pollen, propolis, and water. Nectar […]

Throughout the spring, healthy honey bee colonies rapidly increase in population. This occurs as flowering plants are making nectar and […]

Healthy honey bee colonies swarm. Swarming is the honey bee’s way of reproducing on a colony-wide basis. Honey bees typically […]

Whenever the winter weather conditions are suitable, beekeepers examine their hives. An extremely mild Mid-South winter brought several warm days […]

Our managed hives are home to honey bees, but some people think that these industrious creatures should be called “pollen […]